what are/should be under nand.configure and nand.userfs?

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what are/should be under nand.configure and nand.userfs?

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i.mx25 nand is partitioned to bootloader, kernel, rootfs, configure and userfs. I know what are the first 3 partitions for, but what about the last 2 partitions?

I saw a mistory behaviour: my program uses CAN port for software upgrade. the software can received a file and write it to the home folder, and rename it etc so that the next power up the newly loaded software will overwrite the previous one. it generally works fine and I've used this scheme for quite a while. Then I uploaded a new version - it won't start, I got "segment fault" error and the system shutdown. I thought the new version had some bug, and wanted to reload it. So I use AdvancedToolKit to erase the partition userfs, thinking that is where my program resides and hoping once I erase it, an old version at a system would get run. However, when i repowered on, my new version still came up.

So I misunderstood the nand partitions - it is not a big deal. What surprised me is that the "segment fault" now disappear! The system will not shutdown itself.

Please anybody can comment and point some direction for investigation?

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