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reset imxrt1064

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Good afternoon, I have imxrt1064.

How can I reboot the microcontroller from my program? I am using XIP.

I tried RTWDOG and WDOG, but after resetting the controller, the UPDATE bit in RTWDOG is set to 0. And it is reset again.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi dark0711,

    Thanks for your interest in the NXP MIMXRT product!

    Do you want to do the software reset in the RT1064 code? If yes, you totally can add the system reset code in stead of the Watchdog reset.

    The software reset code is:


    After you run this code, the code will do the software reset again.

    About your RTWDOG and WDOG, it is the watchdog hardware reset, so, when you enable the watchdog, you need to feed the dog(update the timer before the watchdog timer overflow). If you didn't feed the watchdog, then when the watchdog is timer overflow, it will trigger another WDOG reset again.

    Please try the software reset on your side.


Wish it helps you!

If you still have questions about it, please kindly let me know!

Best Regards,




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