request IMXEBOOKDC3-E board reference schematic again

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request IMXEBOOKDC3-E board reference schematic again

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Hi experts, 

  our company want to buy a IMXEBOOKDC3-E board , but there is no inventory anywhere , any distributor , so we want to layout it ourselves,  we need IMXEBOOKDC3-E board reference schematic to get start work, 

 i found a post say, IMXEBOOKDC3- E board reference schematic  , i need to sign a NDA, i remember i signed a NDA before, so is there anybody share the IMXEBOOKDC3-E board reference schematic with us ? 

 best regards!


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello toot_hzf,

If you have an NDA that has not expired you may open a Support Case requesting this document. If you cannot locate your NDA or if it has expired you can contact the Distributor that helped you sign the NDA to get the details of your current NDA or to sign a new NDA.

I hope this information helps,


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