mma8451 interrupt mode

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mma8451 interrupt mode

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On our customer board, we use mma8451(g-sensor) to do something. 

In the Linux BSP the driver is running with polling mode, I think it is less efficiency, so I want to change it to interrupt mode.

I set the register into interrupt mode, but I can't get interrupt when I move the sensor module, Is there any one had done this?

Attachment file is my driver.

In the board level file, I set this:

static struct i2c_board_info mxc_i2c0_board_info[] __initdata = {
.type = "mma8451",
.addr = 0x1C,
.irq = gpio_to_irq(MX53_SMD_ACCL_INT1_IN), //+++++add by Jay for g-sensor interrupt mode


//+++++add by Jay for g-sensor interrupt mode to get data
gpio_request(MX53_SMD_ACCL_INT1_IN, "gsensor-irq");
//-----end add

Original Attachment has been moved to: 207-mxc_mma8451.c

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