mfgtool stops with "No Device Connected" with "Failure Rate: 0%"

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mfgtool stops with "No Device Connected" with "Failure Rate: 0%"

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I am trying to use android on IMX6Q-SDB board but facing issue while loading perbuilt image from below link


But I am not able to flash image and mfgtool stops after throwing error "No Device Connected".


I am following steps from Android Quick Start Guide to flash android images in emmc with mfg tool.



After reboot mfgtool is able to detect device and shows "HID-compliant vendor-defined device"
After that I am observing below messages in mfgtool -
Loading u-boot -
Loading kernel -
Loading initramfs -
Jump to OS -
No device connected


I am using below images from android_N7.1.1_1.0.0_image_6dqpsabresd

And I am using mfg tool from android_N7.1.1_1.0.0_tools.

I am using mfgtool2-android-mx6q-sabresd-emmc.vbs file to load images as I have SABRE-SD board and not Automotive version.


Please find attached logs.

Can you please help with steps for how to troubleshoot further?

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use  F2FS mode of mgf tool to flash..........i was  able to flash the board

NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Nirav Shah,

I have tested the manufacturing tool using exactly the images and the manufacturing tool from the Community Document from where you have also downloaded them. I wanted to firstly discard any problem with the available packages but I was able to use it to load the image to an SD card and to the eMMC. The steps you are following are correct for flashing the eMMC (the BSP version and Manufacturing Tool version match and the images are the ones for the eMMC boot).

Part of the process of the Manufacturing Image includes disconnecting the device so it can make the partitions, but it is not being able to follow up after that. The log of the Manufacturing Tool is correct up to that point. I would recommend trying with another computer or USB port on the same computer has sometimes helped when the problem is either the internal USB HUB or a conflict on the drivers since Windows may detect a new USB device and interrupt the communication; sometimes uninstalling the driver from the Device Manager also helps.

Please also make sure if you are using a Windows newer than 7 to run the manufacturing tool in compatibility mode.

I hope this helps,

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