imx8mm board to be a bluetooth speaker

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imx8mm board to be a bluetooth speaker

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I have an imx8mm board with a better loudspeaker.

The board bluetooth functionality is fine, it could be paired with my phone. 

While, How do I set it to be a bluetooth speaker? just connected to my phone, and music from my phone to the board loudspeaker?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


Besides the comment that Radhika made. Make sure that your device is being set as a2dp_sink profile. To set it, use the following command:

# pactl set-card-profile <Your Bluez card name or number> a2dp_sink

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Hi Xin Jian,

Set the default source as a bluetooth and audio jack (On which the loudspeaker was connected) as a default sound card.

You can follow the below steps after pairing and Connecting your phone using bluetoothctl with i.MX8m mini

  1.       cat /proc/asound/card (to list number of sound cards)
  2.       aplay -L (to list available output sinks)
  3.       pactl list short sinks  (for name or index number of possible sinks eg. )
  4.       pactl list short sources OR pactl list sources  (to list available sources)
  5.       pactl set-default-sink 1 (to set default sink id as a default id of loudspeaker - in our case it is 1)
  6.       pactl set-default-source 6 (to set default source id as a default id of bluetooth source - in our case it is 6)

Verify that your phone is connected with the board using bluetoothctl before playing the music.


Radhika Somaiya.