imx6dualite and micron DDR3 bringup issue

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imx6dualite and micron DDR3 bringup issue

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we are using following parts and facing issue in ddr bringup.

1. processor - imx6dualite

2. DDR - micron - MT41K256M16TW-107 IT


Note: USB OTG is not available on our custom board. Boot mode is set to SD card boot.


Here we have attached the DDR script and configuration used.

We would like to know whether we are missing anything important.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


  Please use the following documents how to configure DDR parameters. 

 i.MX6 DDR Register Programming Aids 


  Note, timing parameters for the MT41K256M16TW should be set,

assuming that i.MX6 memory frequency is 532 MHz, that is memory

parameters for Data Rate of 1066 should be used.

  For example tRCD=tRP=CL (ns) in Your table is 13.75 ns, it may be

recommended - 13.1 ns (really Your settings should not provide problems).

 tRC = 39 ns in the case, but it would be better to apply 52.5 ns.


You selected DRAM Clock Freq (MHz) of 400 MHz, this means DDR3-800

specs should be applied.


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