imx6 solo u-boot falcon mode

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imx6 solo u-boot falcon mode

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Hello, everyone

I'm trying to apply my custom board with u-boot falcon mode.

(kernel version: 4.1.15_2.0.0, Yocto: krogoth)

These are the sites I referenced:

How to decrease boot time on iMX6 - i.MXDev Blog 

Fast Boot Linux with u-Boot Falcon Mode – Embexus 

ventana/bootloader/falcon-mode – Gateworks 

But, still I can not change to boot in falcon mode.

Normal boot or console dosen't work.(Nothing print in console.)

Normal boot works but falcon mode boot doesn't work.

If I boot with falcon mode, nothing print in console.

I am booting with eMMC and I can't use the SD card.

I wonder two things.

1. What is right 'partition map' in imx6 solo sabresd board?

I tried all of site's partition map, but did not work...

2. How to bitbake using Yocto project for output of 'SPL' and 'u-boot.img'

mx6sabresd: Add Falcon mode support (d96796ca) · Commits · U-Boot / Custodians / imx U-Boot Custodia... 

I made 'u-boot.imx' with this patch but it can't boot with mfgtool.

Please help me, anyone! 

Thank you

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Dahyun

You wrote:

"I'm trying to apply my custom board
Normal boot or console dosen't work."

please first try to implement normal boot.

For custom board run ddr test

i.MX6/7 DDR Stress Test Tool V3.00 

then update uboot *.cfg file with new ddr calibration coefficients found from test

mx6solo_4x_mt41j128.cfg\mx6sabresd\freescale\board - uboot-imx - i.MX U-Boot 

Use linux documentation (Porting Guide, Linux Manual) from link

i.MX Software and Development Tools | NXP 

Best regards
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Contributor I

Hi igor,

There was a mistake in the question.
I'm sorry I don't speak English well.

Normal boot works, but falcon boot does not.

Normal boot was first downloaded using mfgtool, and it can also be booted with NFS / TFTP.

Best regards


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