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imx tcm address

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i try setup M4 core on IMX6SoloX

I read the AN5317 pdf

I would like to write a linux device driver which load m4 core 

For this i notice we shall fill the TCM U on CortxA9 with the M4 binary

But regarding provided example code , the TCM U seems located at 0x007F8000

On the other hand , while reading Linux Tcm code (tcm.c)  (kernel 4.1.21) and Arm cordtex A9 reference manual


it seems that we could could access TCMU at 0xFFFFE000

and use macro  tcm_itcm_present() wich read CP15 c0 register to determine TCM presence

The second options dont 't seems to work

Is it relative to Cortex-A9 implementation in IMX6 or something else like a remapping TCM capability ?

Thanks in adv


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