imx-gpu-sdk compile error IMX8MP/IMX8MM/IMX8MQ

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imx-gpu-sdk compile error IMX8MP/IMX8MM/IMX8MQ

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     Hi :

            When compiling Yocto bsp, I encounter imx-gpu-sdk error sometimes. It is useless with below command:

           bitbake -c cleansstate imx-gpu-sdk;

           bitbake imx-gpu-sdk

           The only method can work is to rm -rf tmp ,then bitbake the image again. How to fix this error ? I do not want to compile the full image again.


ERROR: When reparsing /home/abc/L5.4.70/sources/meta-imx/meta-sdk/recipes-graphics/imx-gpu-sdk/, the basehash value changed from 512ede71228f99e9c29ae4fecd012c0c4dae1eb5d4137ecb00ec6a3dde209518 to c5e5f9d8db0be4180692c3aef27c64a8e920c03554e7c01a398b1b1b4b7b648d. The metadata is not deterministic and this needs to be fixed.
ERROR: The following commands may help:
ERROR: $ bitbake imx-gpu-sdk -cdo_compile -Snone
ERROR: Then:
ERROR: $ bitbake imx-gpu-sdk -cdo_compile -Sprintdiff

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