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iMX8X SCU reset reason

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We can get reset reason via SCFW API (sc_pm_reset_reason).

SCFW  API manual defined following reasons.

We would like to know the following reasons are settled by what conditions.

Could you please elaborate each by each?  

We are under considering of abnormal operations. so these information need to our design.

From sc_fw_api_qx_b0.pdf ver 1.21


Best Regards,

Kazuma Sasaki.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport



Please find a summary of reset events:

  • SC_PM_RESET_REASON_POR - is default if no other reason is reported.
  • SC_PM_RESET_REASON_WDOG - expiration of a virtual watchdog.
  • SC_PM_RESET_REASON_SECO - reset requested by SECO FW.
  • SC_PM_RESET_REASON_SCFW_FAULT - SW fault detected by SCFW.
  • SC_PM_RESET_REASON_V2X_DEBUG - request to transition V2X to debug mode which requires a reset.
  • SC_PM_RESET_REASON_SNVS - SNVS security monitor has entered hard fail state.  Refer to the SNVS documentation in the Security Reference Manual for more details on the causes for entering hard fail state.
  • SC_PM_RESET_REASON_MSI - Reset of SCU control bus (MSI bus) is requested after being locked by the SCU ROM or SCFW.
  • SC_PM_RESET_REASON_TEMP - Temperature sensor panic threshold has been reached.  Currently only the SCU temperature sensor can trigger this panic event.
  • SC_PM_RESET_REASON_UECC - SCU TCM has encountered an unrecoverable ECC error.  This event will generate an NMI to the SCU and the SCFW will call board_fault().
  • SC_PM_RESET_REASON_LOCKUP - SCU CM4 core has encountered a LOCKUP event.  Refer to the ARMv7m architecture reference manual for conditions that can cause a CM4 LOCKUP.  This event will generate an NMI to the SCU and the SCFW will call board_fault().
  • SC_PM_RESET_RESET_REASON_JTAG - This reset reason is reserved for reporting a system reset request via JTAG.  Currently not used.
  • SC_PM_RESET_REASON_SCFW_WDOG - SCU encountered WDOG reset event during execution of SCFW.
  • SC_PM_RESET_REASON_ROM_WDOG - SCU encountered WDOG reset event during execution of SCU ROM.
  • SC_PM_RESET_REASON_SW - SCU has programmatically requested a reset using the CM4 SYSRESETREQ bit of the AIRCR.  SCFW calls NVIC_SystemReset to request this type of reset.


Hope this helps,

Best regards,


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