iMX8MM Chromium cannot play MP4 video

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iMX8MM Chromium cannot play MP4 video

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    I am using Kirkstone 5.15.32 to build for the imx8mm-evk 'imx-image-full' and also added Chromium 96.0.4664.110 to the image. From the image we are trying to run a mp4 video (1280p) resolution on the chromium browser but it doesn't play it. No errors from console as well. We then tried to play a webm format video. The browser does play but the video was smooth can see stuttering all along. When we use gst-launch to run the both format video plays fine (using playbin pipeline)

We are not seeing the same with imx8mp evk. So the query is, 

1. Does imx8mm support propriety codecs like mp4 in the chromium browser?

2. Are imx8mm h/w capabilities not fully utilised from chromium? if so are there any flags needs to be set in chromium recipe to make it work. Thanks

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi @raajeshk88

Thank you for contacting NXP Support.

You can try with the following flags for the best Chromium performance.

chromium --no-sandbox --no-first-run --noerrdialogs --start-fullscreen --start-maximized --disable-notifications --disable-infobars --kiosk --incognito --fullscreen --test-type --disable-popup-blocking --enable-gpu-rasterization

Have a great day!

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