iMX6 Solo How to boot from EIM nor flash

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iMX6 Solo How to boot from EIM nor flash

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I have a iMX6 Solo board which is designed according to mx6dlsabresd board. There is a parallel nor flash (SPANSION S29GL512S) on EIM with CS0. Currently, the board can boot from SD but have problems when boot from parallel nor flash.

I have done the following work:

1 When I burn the u-boot.imx to SD card with dd command in ubuntu, then set the boot mode of iMX6 to boot from SD, the u-boot can start up successfully.

2  Modify the mx6dlsabresd.cfg in board\freescale\mx6sabresd of u-boot source code, BOOT_FROM        sd is modified to BOOT_FROM         nor, then rebuild the u-boot.imx. First, boot the board from SD, after the linux is started, I erase the nor flash and burn the u-boot.imx to the offset 0x1000 of nor flash. Then I read the first 32 bytes from 0x1000 of nor flash to confirm that the u-boot.imx are burned correctly. Second, set the boot mode of iMX6 to boot from parallel nor flash and power on the board. But the u-boot can't start up, there is nothing on console.
3 I try to burn u-boot-mx6dl-sabreauto-weimnor.bin supplied by Mfgtools-Rel-4.1.0_130816_MX6DL_UPDATER to offset 0 of nor flash using the same method in step 2 (because the u-boot-mx6dl-sabreauto-weimnor.bin already have 4KB filled data). Then set the boot mode of iMX6 to boot from parallel nor flash and power on the board. The u-boot can start up. So I think the problem is not on hardware.

I want to ask that do I need to modify any other files in step 2 to rebuild a u-boot.imx which can boot from eim parallel nor flash?

u-boot-nor.imx is the image rebuild in step 2, u-boot-mx6dl-sabreauto-weimnor.bin is the image supplied by nxp mfgtools.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi hue

mx6dlsabresd board does not support nor boot, please use MX6 Dual Lite Sabre AI

board linux images and mfg tool scripts

Schematics (5)
Design files for i.MX 6Quad and i.MX 6DualLite CPU1 Cards
Design files for Base Board


i.MX Software|NXP 

Best regards
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Thanks for your reply. I have found the reason. The file mx6dlsabresd.cfg must be modified to enable the EIM clock. Otherwise the parallel nor flash can't be accessed.

/* set the default clock gate to save power */
DATA 4 0x020c4068 0x00C03F3F
DATA 4 0x020c406c 0x0030FC03
DATA 4 0x020c4070 0x0FFFC000
DATA 4 0x020c4074 0x3FF00000
DATA 4 0x020c4078 0x00FFF300
DATA 4 0x020c407c 0x0F0000C3
DATA 4 0x020c4080 0x000003FF

I modify the DATA 4 0x020c4080 0x000003FF to DATA 4 0x020c4080 0x00000FFF, the problem is solved.

Thanks again.

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