iMX6 Solo Dual Lite Camera Preview


iMX6 Solo Dual Lite Camera Preview

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Hi All,

I am trying to get a camera preview up using iMX6 Solo DualLite IPU. The Analog camera gives CVBS input to ADV7180 decoder. THe decoder gives 8-bit parallel CSI output to the IPU. THe IPU is connected to a tianna display. I am using iMX6 Platform SDK as the base. Below are the configurations I have created to get the camera preview. What should be the configurations for FLOW registers in my case? I am getting noise on the display. I see that the DMA is hapenning and I get a DMA EOF interrupt and Interrupt Status registers 9 and 10 are clear with no errors. Many thanks for the replies.

 //Init ADV 7180 registers


adv7180_swrite_reg (0x0C,0x37); //Put ADV7180 into Free Run mode

adv7180_write_reg (0x04,0x4E); //Output to BT656 mode

panel->panel_init(&ipu_index); //Init display panel 

//IDMAC Configuration for CSI->SFMC->MEM = CSI_TO_MEM_CH0;
   idmac_info.addr0 = csi_mem0; //CH23_EBA0 - 0x40000000
   idmac_info.addr1 = csi_mem1; // 0 - no double buffering
   idmac_info.width = in_fmt->active_width;
   idmac_info.height = in_fmt->active_height;   
   csi_pixel_format = INTERLEAVED_RGB565;

   ipu_general_idmac_config(ipu_index, &idmac_info);


//100 CSI1, ID=0 mapped to DMASMFC channel 0.
   ipu_smfc_fifo_allocate(ipu_index, 0, 4, 4);
   ipu_channel_buf_ready(ipu_index, CSI_TO_MEM_CH0, 0); //BUF_RDY

//CSI Configuration
   ipu_write_field(ipu_index, IPU_IPU_CONF__CSI_SEL, 1);
   ipu_write_field(ipu_index, IPU_IPU_CONF__CSI1_EN, 1);

   ipu_write_field(ipu_index, IPU_CSI1_SENS_CONF__CSI1_DATA_EN_POL, 0);

   ipu_write_field(ipu_index, IPU_CSI1_SENS_CONF__CSI1_EXT_VSYNC, 1);
   ipu_write_field(ipu_index, IPU_CSI1_SENS_CONF__CSI1_SENS_PIX_CLK_POL, 0); // pos edge
   ipu_write_field(ipu_index, IPU_CSI1_SENS_CONF__CSI1_DATA_POL, 0);
   ipu_write_field(ipu_index, IPU_CSI1_SENS_CONF__CSI1_HSYNC_POL, hsync_pol);
   ipu_write_field(ipu_index, IPU_CSI1_SENS_CONF__CSI1_VSYNC_POL, vsync_pol);

   ipu_write_field(ipu_index, IPU_CSI1_SENS_CONF__CSI1_DATA_DEST, 4); //destination is IDMAC via SFMC
   ipu_write_field(ipu_index, IPU_CSI1_SENS_CONF__CSI1_SENS_PRTCL, clock_mode); // Gated clock mode

   ipu_write_field(ipu_index, IPU_CSI1_SENS_CONF__CSI1_DATA_WIDTH, 1); //8bits per color
   ipu_write_field(ipu_index, IPU_CSI1_SENS_CONF__CSI1_PACK_TIGHT, 0); //only when data format is RGB/YUV, and    data_width > 8
   ipu_write_field(ipu_index, IPU_CSI1_SENS_CONF__CSI1_SENS_DATA_FORMAT, data_fmt);

   /*set sensor frame size */
   ipu_write_field(ipu_index, IPU_CSI1_SENS_FRM_SIZE__CSI1_SENS_FRM_HEIGHT, raw_height - 1);
   ipu_write_field(ipu_index, IPU_CSI1_SENS_FRM_SIZE__CSI1_SENS_FRM_WIDTH, raw_width - 1);


//setup display
ipu_display_setup(ipu_index, CH23_EBA0, (uint32_t) NULL, INTERLEAVED_RGB565, panel);

//Setup FLow

   ipu_write_field(ipu_index, IPU_IPU_FS_PROC_FLOW2__PRPVF_DEST_SEL, 0x09); //DP_SYNC0 (ch23)
   ipu_write_field(ipu_index, IPU_IPU_FS_PROC_FLOW3__SMFC0_DEST_SEL, 0x9); // smfc0 -> chan23
   ipu_write_field(ipu_index, IPU_IPU_FS_DISP_FLOW1__DP_SYNC0_SRC_SEL, 0x1); // MG source from capture 0

   //Enable Display and capture

   ipu_idmac_channel_enable(ipu_index, CSI_TO_MEM_CH0, 1);

Thanks and Best Regards,


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Soumya

from sources: adv7180_write_reg (0x04,0x4E); //Output to BT656 mode

as sensor conifured in BT656 mode, so IPU should be configured to CCIR mode (BT.656) too

..  ipu_write_field(ipu_index, IPU_CSI1_SENS_CONF__CSI1_SENS_PRTCL, clock_mode)

Best regards
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Hi Igor,

Instead of changing that, I changed the decoder configuration to ouput 16-bit at LLC 4:2:2. (Gated mode clock)

However I get the same output (yellow).  Further, Even if I do not give any output from decoder (decoder intentionally not initialized), I am getting the same yellow output. If I memset the CH23_EBA0 to 0xff (white) and then do a DMA with above configuration, even then I get a yellow output. So I do get a new frame, but I am confused if it is doing a DMA from CSI-SMFC-MEM or not as the output is not differing. Kindly help..

Many thanks in advance,


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