i.mx53 Quick Start Board: Is my board toast??

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i.mx53 Quick Start Board: Is my board toast??

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Been about 14 months since I've used my QSB, and I know I left it in a good working state.   Had it booting from an NFS drive.

I have a project in mind, so powered it up:   1st hooked up serial to get into the monitor.

Turned power on, and the LED's transitioned properly (seems that a couple of them turned blue), but didn't get any serial.     Fiddled around a bit with my serial connection, trying several things (null modem, different baud, even a different machine).    Still no serial.

At some point the board quit powering up when I hit the power button:   meaning that All the Led's did not come on.  (I got no blue LED's)

So right now LED's are stuck like this:

            5V led is green

            FLT led is red

And that's pretty much it: they NEVER transition to anything else.    Power button doesn't change anything, reset button doesn't change anything.

Have tried 2 different power supplies: the one that came with the unit, and a nice bench-supply (an old analog Power Supply) from HP.    The HP shows the unit getting about .17 amps when power is enabled, and no change whatsoever when I hit the power button.

I don't have a DVM and I don't have JTAG (but have a flyswatter-2) on order.     So right now I have no ability to probe or debug.

Any ideas anybody??   Things to try??  

John Reed

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