i.MX8 DXL SAF5400 DSRC Modem SDK

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i.MX8 DXL SAF5400 DSRC Modem SDK

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For wireless connectivity, I plan to use NXP SAF5400 Modem on NXP i.MX8 DXL(with Kernel 6.1.36 & Yocto 4.2 (Mickledore)).  

The system will be de-centralized. (There will be no “broker” in the system) I want to use DDS (Data Distribution Service, openDDS) middleware on top of DSRC/ITS-G5.

Hence, I have some questions to clarify DDS use case/implementation on top of SAF5400 modem- What I can get from NXP, what I need to develop on them etc.: 

Q1: In NXP SAF5400 “Fact Sheet” there is a bullet as “NXP’s V2X solutions provide a dedicated API on the logical link controller level. NXP provides a software-stack-agnostic V2X solution and is collaborating with all leading V2X software vendors.”  

Can you indicate what will be available in the stack and what should be added/developed on top of it to address our DDS usecase? Do you just provide SPI API to configure and send packets via Host (in my case NXP i.MX8 DXL)? Do you provide sample applications which may run on this stack?  

Q2: Do you provide Linux Kernel Module and do we able to use SAF5400 Modem like a regular network interface and configure it via generic Linux networking tools such as ip, iw, ifconfig, iwconfig? 

Q3: Do you have detailed “How to” documents explaining the modem usage? If yes, when can you share with me? 

Q4: I will have de-centralized structure. Can you comment on how we can establish IPv6 network on top of DSRC/ITS-G5?

Best regards.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Efecan Cebel

Dedicated documentation for the SAF5400 and its software is available to restricted customers only.

In the meantime, I have received your inquiry through other channels, and will respond to your questions via your company email.

Kind regards, 
Alexander van Luijpen


Customer Application Support Engineer
ADAS-CAS (V2X & Radar)
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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport



A1. Yes, we provide the SPI-API application to configure and send the packets via the MX8DXL.

A2.We provide the kernel 6.6.3v that is working with our EVK:



A3. Sorry we don't have this document at the moment just the Fact sheet a this white paper: https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/white-paper/LTE-V2V-WP.pdf

A4. Although the vehicular protocol stack (DSRC and ITS-G5) has been defined with IEEE 802.11p in mind, it can be adapted the C-V2X access layer.




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