i.MX6ULL running uMTP responder fail

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i.MX6ULL running uMTP responder fail

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I have been trying to add MTP support in iMX6ULL. Linux kernel version is 4.1.15.

i found one similar question  in nxp community, below is link


my question is i don't know how to configure my menuconfig in kernel, because of that ,uMTP funtion can't achieve

I have followed below steps to run it on iMX6ULL EVK.

1.download uMTP responder source online

GitHub - viveris/uMTP-Responder: Ligthweight Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) responder daemon for GNU/... 

2.compile uMTP-Responder  "umtprd" and place it in /usr/bin

3.modprobe gadgetfs

   mkdir -p /dev/gadget

   mount -t gadgetfs gadgetfs /dev/gadget

When I run the mtp daemon, The host PC which is connected to i.mx6ull board through OTG can found "MTP"device,but after a few second, my i.mx6ull board got hanged, I could no longer operate i.mx6ull board on serial console,and the i.mx6ull board can't operate anymore.Below are the debug logs.

root@imx6ull14x14evk:~# modprobe gadgetfs
gadgetfs: USB Gadget filesystem, version 24 Aug 2004
root@imx6ull14x14evk:~# mkdir /dev/gadget
root@imx6ull14x14evk:~# mount -t gadgetfs gadgetfs /dev/gadget
root@imx6ull14x14evk:~# umtprd
[Info] uMTP Responder
[Info] Version: v0.8.6 compiled the Oct 15 2018@09:29:51
[Ingadgetfs: bound to 2184000.usb driver
fo] (c) 2018 Viveris Technologies
[Info] Add storage root folder - Root Path: /
[Info] Add storage home folder - Root Path: /home
[Info] USB Device path : /dev/gadget/2184000.usb
[Info] USB In End point path : /dev/gadget/ep1in
[Info] USB Out End point path : /dev/gadget/ep2out
[Info] USB Event End point path : /dev/gadget/ep3in
[Info] USB Max packet size : 0x200 bytes
[Info] Manufacturer string : Viveris Technologies
[Info] Product string : The Viveris Product !
[Info] Serial string : 01234567
[Info] Interface string : MTP
[Info] USB Vendor ID : 0x1D6B
[Info] USB Product ID : 0x0100
[Info] USB class ID : 0x06
[Info] USB subclass ID : 0x01
[Info] USB Protocol ID : 0x01
[Info] USB Device version : 0x3008
[Info] USB GadgetFS Mode
[Info] Wait for connection : 0
[Info] Loop on disconnect : 0
gadgetfs: connected

after printf above debug message  i.mx6ull can't operate anymore, i don't konw what could be wrong and how to configure my menuconfig in kernel

I've been stuck with this problem for several days. If anyone have any idea about what could be wrong here, please give me some advise, thay you very much.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Gang,

   There are 2 suggestions for you , see below, please!

1. For i.MX6ULL EVK board, USB OTG's VID = 15A2; PID = 0080

2. For windows, probably you need it's drivers. You can download MFG Tools for 4.1.15 from our website, and you will find a driver path.

I don't know if you need this driver for your application, but you can install it to windows.

Have a nice day!

Weidong sun

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