i.MX6Qsabresd Board and Murata 1MW WiFi/BT connection problem

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i.MX6Qsabresd Board and Murata 1MW WiFi/BT connection problem

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I connected the two boards to page 28 of themurata_quick_start_guide_linux.pdf manual.At the same time, I built the new mirror file as described in the following post in the community https://community.nxp.com/thread/496328.

1) According to the above connection I will wfi test pass without problem,but I don't know how bluetooth should be connected to the board in the hardware part.According to table 10 on page 49 of the manual, it is indicated that I should connect GPIO2 and UART5. Where should the specific terminals be connected.


2) The above verification was done on the i.MX6Qsabresd Board.How to extract the patched Murata 1MW WiFi/BT kernel source code from yocto.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

I suggest that you enter your question in the Murata Technical Support, they can help you, with your inquiry since the module was directly made for the i.MX6 platform

Support | Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 

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