how to adjust MIPI CSI interface OV5640 camera focus value or auto set focus

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how to adjust MIPI CSI interface OV5640 camera focus value or auto set focus

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     I migrated the latest SDK LF5.10.52... to the IMX8MQ board, and i plugged in the MIPI CSI camer to the board. I could use the gst-launch-1.0 and V4l2 functions call to turn on the camera and saw the images. however it's too unclear w/o adjusting the focus.
     I searched the topics in about this topic. i found some tips are about to update the OV5640 drivers.

1st quesion:
     Do i need install the driver to the board as i already used the latest kernel, dtb, u-boot?

2nd question:

     how could i adust the focus value ? (i don't find any realted functions of v4L2 to take this work).

3rd question:

    I used lsmod to check the moduels in my board. it shows nothing. neither could i insmod the related module followd by some suggestions. is there anything wrong with my os?

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yes, i want to enable it then to use the register set and get to control the ov5640 camera directly.
today i downloaded the imx-yocto-bsp based on the yocto guide.
i used the below commands to enable the VIDIOC_VIDEO_ADV_DEBUG then compiled the kernel. however it doesn't work. the kernel generated still is old.
the commands i input is:
1. bitbake -c menuconfig virtual/kernel
2. select the device drivers -multimedia support video4linux options --enable advande debug functionality on v4l2 drivers.
3. save it and rename the config file with v4l2_debug.config
4. exit the menu
5. bitbake -c compile-f linux-imx
6. bitbake linux-imx -c compile_kernelmodules -f -v
7. bitbake -c deploy -f -v linux-imx
no error was found during these operations.
i got the image , rtfs modules in the /tmp/deploy/images/imx8mqevk folder. then copy the image and modules to the sd card.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

since I have already replied to you with mail, pls check that and follow it


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