YUV422 mipi camera sensor and RGB LVDS display

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YUV422 mipi camera sensor and RGB LVDS display

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#imxipu have a MIPI sensor that outputs data in YUV422 format. I have a RGB LVDS display.

I am using Android 4.4.2 with underlying Linux kernel 3.10.53. I am using i.MX6D.

I am getting a pink and green and image on the display when I perform a camera preview.

I think it is an issue of color space. To work around it, I set the pixel format for capture as RGB32, so that the image is stored in RGB32 format ( default is NV12 format ) prior to its display.

I tried with the IPU channels "CSI MEM" and "CSI PRP ENC MEM".

1. With "CSI MEM", the pink and green patches go way but the image becomes black and white (looks like chroma information is lost).

2. With "CSI PRP ENC MEM", I set the "in format" and "out format" for color space conversion by IC to YUV and RGB. I can see that the task memory is filled with correct coefficients with the task being encoding and color space conversion enabled through register.

However, I still see pink and green image with it.

Could any one give input on that ?

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