Video playback using MM Codecs on i.MX35

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Video playback using MM Codecs on i.MX35

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Can anyone comment of the requirements of using the fsl mm codecs and gstreamer with an imx35?

Can anyone from FSL comment on what versions of gst-fsl-plugin and codecs are officially supported for mx35?


We have an i.mx35 based system (with a v3.2 mainline based kernel) that we have been using for a couple of years and would now also like to get video running on. The PDK seems to run a reference video (big buck bunny mp4 320x180) fine at fullscreen res using the freescale mfw codecs, while the standard codecs on our platform (eg the ffmpeg ones) are nowhere near comparable.

I am therefore trying to get the fsl codecs to run on our system.

We are using a 3.2 based mainline kernel, and I have ported some of the drivers from the 2.6.35 kernel release:

- mxc_ipu

- mxc_ipu_pf

- mxcfb

- mxc_iim (with corresponding symlink imx_mem -->mxc_iim)

- mxc v4l2 output driver

Video playback using the mfw_h264decoder comes out grey and not quite right, which makes me suspect that the Post Filter part of the h264 decoder is not able to function correctly, and is not doing its 'thing'.

We are using openembedded (yocto 1.3) build system, and some recipes (adapted for MX35 platform) derived from the meta-fsl-arm to package imx-lib, gst-fsl-plugins, and the codecs.

TL;DR: I'm trying to reproduce the video playback performance of the imx35pdk, but I suspect that there is some driver/component missing, or version incompatibility. I'd like to know what the dependencies (drivers, dev files etc) of the fsl mm codecs are. I'd also like to confirm which versions of the gst-fsl-plugins work with mx35.



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