UUU tool not working in closed i.MX 6UL

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UUU tool not working in closed i.MX 6UL

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I'm experiencing issues with UUU tool in Ubuntu 18.04 as it's not working (it waits indefinitely) on closed i.MX 6UL EVK.


The script we're using is given below:

uuu_version 1.2.39

SDP: boot -f uboot_signed.imx

FB: ucmd setenv fastboot_dev mmc
FB: ucmd setenv mmcdev 1
FB: ucmd mmc dev 1
FB: flash bootloader uboot_signed.imx
FB: Done

The same script is working fine (flashed bootloader in SD Card) in a open, secure board and uboot_signed.imx is also manually verified to be working.

The fastboot parameters are as follows:

Detailed log is given below to aid in your diagnostics:
$uuu -v ./signed_write_boot_sd.lst 
uuu (Universal Update Utility) for nxp imx chips -- libuuu_1.4.43-0-ga9c099a

Build in config:
Pctl Chip Vid Pid BcdVersion
SDPS: MX8QXP 0x1fc9 0x012f [0x0002..0xffff]
SDPS: MX8QM 0x1fc9 0x0129 [0x0002..0xffff]
SDPS: MX8DXL 0x1fc9 0x0147
SDPS: MX28 0x15a2 0x004f
SDPS: MX815 0x1fc9 0x013e
SDPS: MX865 0x1fc9 0x0146
SDP: MX7D 0x15a2 0x0076
SDP: MX6Q 0x15a2 0x0054
SDP: MX6D 0x15a2 0x0061
SDP: MX6SL 0x15a2 0x0063
SDP: MX6SX 0x15a2 0x0071
SDP: MX6UL 0x15a2 0x007d
SDP: MX6ULL 0x15a2 0x0080
SDP: MX6SLL 0x1fc9 0x0128
SDP: MX7ULP 0x1fc9 0x0126
SDP: MXRT106X 0x1fc9 0x0135
SDP: MX8MM 0x1fc9 0x0134
SDP: MX8MQ 0x1fc9 0x012b
SDPU: SPL 0x0525 0xb4a4 [0x0000..0x04ff]
SDPV: SPL1 0x0525 0xb4a4 [0x0500..0x9998]
SDPU: SPL 0x0525 0xb4a4 [0x9999..0x9999]
SDPU: SPL 0x3016 0x1001 [0x0000..0x04ff]
SDPV: SPL1 0x3016 0x1001 [0x0500..0x9998]
FBK: 0x066f 0x9afe
FBK: 0x066f 0x9bff
FB: 0x0525 0xa4a5
FB: 0x18d1 0x0d02
FB: 0x3016 0x0001
Wait for Known USB Device Appear...
New USB Device Attached at 1:124
1:124>Start Cmd:SDP: boot -f uboot_signed.imx
6400%1:124>Okay (2.276s)
Thanks in advance.
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