USB Gadget g_zero test error in i.MX50

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USB Gadget g_zero test error in i.MX50

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Dear Sir,


We are testing i.MX50 USB Gadget using the g_zero.

Host and Slave two way communicate for a while,

The slave can't receive any IRQ.


Error log and kernel config as attached.


BSP: L2.6.35_11.09.01_ER_Srouce

linux Version: linux-



Installation ENV as below:

   1.  Linux PC (USB Host)

        (1) PC ENV

               The test base:

    Fedora 20 execute

               Kernel linux 3.18.16 download from:



        (2) Rebuild Kernel (Kernel USB Test Driver )

  Kernel config:

              Device Drivers -->

                   USB Support -->

                       <*> USB testing driver



       (3) Build USB Test Code      

             - Download test program:

      download testusb.c and ,

             - Build: testusb.c


   2. Embedded Linux (i.MX USB Device)

        (1) Download BSP




              - Operating System Software-Board Support Packages -->




        (2) Install ltib

              ~/Desktop/L2.6.35_11.09.01_ER_source$ ./install



        (3)  Config Platform type & package profile

               Refer to attached Ltib_Platform.png



         (4) Build u-boot & Kernel

               Kernel config refer to previous config file,  Kernel version:    

               We are using Mfg Tool download image to iMX53 and simulate to Gadget.

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