The Secure boot with imx28

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The Secure boot with imx28

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Hi All

  I want to enable the imx28 encrypted boot function,not the HAB.I need to enable it in WINCE6.0 platform.I know there is no existing example at present.However,are there any documents and tools for this functions?

In addition,We also want to estimate if the HAB featrue is more suitable.So,the more documents that describing difference between the HAB and the encrypted boot is appreciated.

Has this issue been fixed?

Exploring secured boot on the Sabre Lite i.MX6S (v1.3) SBC and NXP HABv4 — casualHacking 

Secure Boot
A key feature of the i.MX28 ROM is the ability to perform a secure boot. This is
supported by
• The encrypted boot feature and
• The High Assurance Boot (HAB)
These are independent features and are not dependent on each other.

The encrypted boot feature is an inherent element of the SB boot format used by the
i.MX28 ROM. The encrypted boot feature is easily enabled through the use of tools
provided by Freescale to provide image confidentiality..

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Xing

yes errata described on casualHacking  were fixed in latest chip revisions

i.MX & Vybrid Security Vulnerability Errata - ERR010872, ERR010873 

Regarding secure i.MX28 development on WINCE6.0 platform may be recommended

to proceed with help of  Professional Engineering Services | NXP 

Best regards
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