Take the iMX5 VPU advantage with Qt framework

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Take the iMX5 VPU advantage with Qt framework

Contributor I

The framework Qt is already running on our iMX515 system board, but for the project performance issue, is there any MMCODECS functions call whiches I can use directly to take the VPU advantage?

"As i have seen (using gplay also) is that in order to take advantage of the vpu we needed to use playbin(2) element of gstreamer which uses mfw_v4lsink for video sink. What we currently need is to know how we take full advantage of what fw_v4lsink element (that freescale releases) has to offer."


the tools and packages I used:

CPU :  iMX515
BSP version: L2.6.35_10.11.01_ER
FSL Codec version : IMX_MMCODECS_1.9.5
PC Host System OS and version :  Ubuntu 10.10
PC Host System OS install package list :
Ltib package list :
    * amd-gpu-x11-bin-mx51 -- Yes
    * libz160-bin  -- Yes
    * Freescale Multimedia Plugins/Codecs - fsl-mm-codec-libs & gstreamer-fsl-plugins -- Yes
    * fontconfig  -- Yes
    * freetype  -- Yes
    * glib2  -- Yes
    * gstreamer  -- Yes
    * gstreamer-plugins-base  -- Yes
    * gstreamer-plugins-good  -- Yes
    * gstreamer-plugins-bad  -- Yes
    * gstreamer-plugins-ugly  -- Yes
    * Liberation fonts -- No
    * libjpeg   -- Yes
    * libpng  -- Yes
    * liboil  -- Yes
    * libxml2  -- Yes
    * mysql  -- Yes
    * tslib  -- Yes
    * X11 (X.Org 7.5)  -- Yes (Xorg server)
    * X11/libICE  -- Yes
    * X11/libSM  -- Yes
    * zlib   -- Yes

QT source code version :  qt-everywhere-opensource-4.7.1

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Contributor I
Have you tried the phonon API ?
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Contributor I

The mfw_v4lsink is based on v4l interface and added the X support, From Qt aspect, the gplay is not suitable because there is no GUI design. I suggest to reference the Totem player source code to use the mfw_v4lsink as the display render. Since the link between VPU and V4L is zero-copy, it could improve the performance dramatically.

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