Setting up Voltage (BD71847) on IMX8M mini IOT Core

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Setting up Voltage (BD71847) on IMX8M mini IOT Core

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I haven't been able to find very much information on where and when the code that sets up the PMIC.  I'm using Windows IOT Core currently.

1. Where is the code stored that sets up the chip

2. What is used to edit that code

3. I'm currently reading through the manual(I still have a few weeks until the board I made shows up) is there another resource that more specifically discusses the initial setting up of an IMX8M chip that didn't come from NXP. (I have the ram part figured out using Mscale DDR tool)

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1. The code that sets up the PMIC is located in u-boots\u-boot-imx_arm64\board\freescale\imx8mm_evk\spl.c

3. The IOT User's Guide is a great resource for setting up a custom IOT Core. 

i.MX Win 10 IOT User's Guide 

Windows 10 IoT Core for i.MX Applications Processors | NXP 

However, there is not very much about the spl "Secondary Program Loader", some information about that can be found in the Readme.txt file in the u-boots\u-boot-imx_arm64.

I'm still trying to figure out how to use the make command to create(Some file) which is compiled into the FFU. Still working on that part, getting closer though.

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