SabreSD SDP BSP compatibility

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SabreSD SDP BSP compatibility

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Hi guys,

     Due to the fast update of hardware and software for these boards, I want to confirm the compatibilities between Reference Board revisions and their compatible BSP counterparts.

What I currently know based on the release notes:

Android BSP r13.3

     SabreSD Rev B3 or 4 - Compiled and pre-built images OK (also stated in their release notes)

     SabreSD Rev C1     - Compiled and pre-built, boot from eMMC and uSD - Would NOT Boot

Android BSP r13.4

     SabreSD Rev C1 - compiled and pre-built OK

In the release notes of BSP 13.4, It says that the bsp is compatible with i.MX6Quad/Duallite boards, but it does not specify what revision, not like in r13.3.

So can anyone confirm, what board revision is the current r13.4 BSPs compatible to? also what BSP versions are rev C boards compatible?


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