Reading Keypad Data Register crashes i.MX 7 SoC

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Reading Keypad Data Register crashes i.MX 7 SoC

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Our customer discovered a kernel freeze when trying to initialize the Keypad driver in Linux. Looking a bit closer in why it exactly freezes we could pinpoint a single register read during the drivers initialization: In imx_keypad_config the driver reads the Keypad Data Register (KPDR) on which line the system freezes.

static void imx_keypad_config(struct imx_keypad *keypad)
         unsigned short reg_val;

          * Include enabled rows in interrupt generation (KPCR[7:0])
          * Configure keypad columns as open-drain (KPCR[15:8])
         reg_val = readw(keypad->mmio_base + KPCR);
         reg_val |= keypad->rows_en_mask & 0xff; /* rows */
         reg_val |= (keypad->cols_en_mask & 0xff) << 8; /* cols */
         writew(reg_val, keypad->mmio_base + KPCR);

         /* Write 0's to KPDR[15:8] (Colums) */
         reg_val = readw(keypad->mmio_base + KPDR);<FREEZE>
         reg_val &= 0x00ff;
         writew(reg_val, keypad->mmio_base + KPDR);

We can also verify that with a simple read using U-Boot.. Other register in the same block seem to work fine:

=> md.w 0x30320004 1
30320004: 0000 ..
=> md.w 0x30320002 1
30320002: 0002 ..
=> md.w 0x30320006 1

As far as I understand there should be no limitations on when this register is readable. It is only byte or half-word addressable, and md.w is addressing it using a half-word read, so this should be a valid register access.

This is reproducible on our Colibri iMX7 modules as well as on a NXP MCIMX7SABRE Rev. C (mask 2N09P). I did not found a related errata.

Best regards,


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Stefan

usually hanging occurs due to clock absence, so one can check

if kpp clock is gated, please check CCM_CCGR170 Table 5-19. CCGR Mapping Table 

i.MX7D Reference Manual

Additionally RDC module can impose access restrictions.

It may be useful to check read/write with jtag.

In linux one can look at kpp imx6sl-evk.dts

linux-2.6-imx.git - Freescale i.MX Linux Tree 

Best regards
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Hm, I first thought of clocks, too, but checked the gate mentioned in Chapter 5, Table 5-12:

ModuleModule Clock (instance.clock)Clock RootModule Clock Gating
Enable (CCGR)
KPPkpp.ipg_clk_sIPG_CLK_ROOTclk_enable_kpp (CCGR120)

So after checking CCGR120, I was convinced that clocking is fine, especially since the rest of the registers seemed to work...

Anyway, now after enabling the correct gate, CCGR170, the register at offset 6 is readable too! I guess CCGR120 in the table above is an error in the reference manual....


Best regards,


NXP Pro Support
NXP Pro Support


Thank you for finding and pointing out the errors in the reference manual. I do want to point you to table 5-19 which is the CCGR Mapping Table, which shows CCM_CCGR_170 for the KPP module.

It appears the correct data is shown in table 5-19 and incorrect in table 5-12. I have made the corrections in our systems.

thanks again,


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