Pre-Requisite for running Kmemleak Tool

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Pre-Requisite for running Kmemleak Tool

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I am using imx6dq device, running with AOSP 6, kernel - 4.1.15  and booting the device with sd card spec of 8GB.

I tried to run the Kmemleak tool in the target device. But my device is getting into error state and reboot is happening.

I checked the log and i found the below line

mmcblk1: p4 size 12689664 extends beyond EOD, truncated

mmcblk1 is sd card and p4 is data partition.

Will this issue cause the device to reboot or let into hang state??

Is there any Pre-requisite such as minimum memory requirement to run the Kmemleak tool?

Thanks in advance..

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Pavithra P,

As far as a know there is not a minimum memory requirement to run Kmemleak.

There is some information on the Android Documentation on how this tool works.

From the error shown, it looks like there is a problem with the partitions so maybe that’s what’s causing the error and not the lack of memory.

I would recommend looking into AOSP forums reporting similar errors to try finding the root cause.

I hope this helps!


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