Multiple frame buffers on i.MX53 QSB

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Multiple frame buffers on i.MX53 QSB

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Hi all,


I'm doing a project using i.MX53 QSB with Android Gingerbread which is provided by Adeneo.

We are creating our UI using Inflexion UI and should be able to do in-screen video play with Inflexion UI.

Our first approach was to use Inflexion UI plug-in for video but it does not look feasible.


Now we are trying to use multiple frame buffer for playing video on Inflexion UI.

Different from Linux, it seems not easy to use multiple frame buffer in Android.

I read the article that in the Linux BSP, there fb0 and fb2 are separate HW planes for the same display.

But I also read that SurfaceFlinger in Android should be modified for supporting multiple frame buffer.

Here are my questions;


1) Is it possible in i.MX53 QSB with Android to play a video on top of Inflexion UI using frame buffer?

2) Can I achieve it without modifying Android source code and recompilation? In other words, is it possible in native code?

3) If the modification is needed, is there any hint of what I should look at?


Thanks in advance!


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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

what is the difference between Inflexion UI behavior and Gallery player?

Surfaceflinger is responsible of combining all UI surfaces into framebuffer, video playback use Overlay buffer to bypass Surfaceflinger, IPU do overlay for UI(fb0) and Video(fb1) pixels then get the whole picture in display.

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