MCIMX6UL-EVK 24Mhz crystal

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MCIMX6UL-EVK 24Mhz crystal

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For Design MCIMX6UL-EVK " i.MX6UltraLite Evaluation Kit | NXP  "why you are using 60ohm PN "7V24000002"   crystal while the datasheet of the MPU i.MX6UL recommended 80ohm ? The load capacitor of this 7V24 crystal is 8pF what means after math that its capacitors should be 12pF though the reference is using 18pF! also for the resistors parallel with the capacitor, what is exactly their function?  In same time I have select this crystal as replacement "FA-128 24.0000MF10Z-W3" , is there any recommendation for this?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello  Muhammad Aladdin,

Let me check why they took this decision. The crystal maximum drive level for the i.MX6 series was updated to 200 or 250uW although 100uW may also be used. You can find a power calculator on the Engineering Bulletin 830 (link below).

The setup on the i.MX6UL is within specs. What I would like to make sure is that the crystal allows for the corresponding drive level as it seems a little steep for the crystal specs.

I’ll let you know as soon as I have more information.


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