LCD display in jailhouse inmate

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LCD display in jailhouse inmate

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I have an imx8mp based custom board.

I'm trying jailhouse hypervisor in it. I followed IMXVIRTUG_ga and I'm able to run a Linux demo in jailhouse inmates. now I want to bring up one LCD to the inmate.

Here are my hardware detailsScreenshot 2022-03-10 145026.png

Here I would like to use the second display in inmate Linux. So I disabled the LCDIF1 (second display) and the  i2c3 (where touch screen controller is connected) in root cell dtb and enabled them in the im8mp-evk-inmate.dts file (i have attached the inmate DTS file)

I booted inmate Linux (used same kernel and rootfs of root cell)

root@imx8:~# jailhouse cell linux /usr/share/jailhouse/cells/imx8mp-linux-demo.cell /boot/Image -d /run/media/mmcblk1p1/imx8mp-evk-inmate.dtb -c "clk_ignore_unused  earlycon=ec_imx6q,0x30890000,115200  root=/dev/mmcblk2p1 rootwait rw"


Then i entered inmate console via ssh and tried weston-terminal (a GUI terminal) and got the  following error

root@imx8-inmate:~# weston-terminal 
\failed to connect to Wayland display: No such file or directory
failed to create display: No such file or directory


so I checked the dmesg and found the following

root@imx8-inmate:~# dmesg | grep fail
[    0.103303] imx8mp-ccm: probe of 30380000.clock-controller failed with error -12
[    0.108039] imx-uart 30a60000.serial: failed to get alias id, errno -19
[    0.125631] imx-cpufreq-dt: probe of imx-cpufreq-dt failed with error -2
[    0.177336] platform regulatory.0: Direct firmware load for regulatory.db failed with error -2
[    0.474714] cfg80211: failed to load regulatory.db


I can see that the LCDIF and MIPI_DSI  nodes are populated at /sys/devices/platform/soc@0/32c00000.bus/

root@imx8-inmate:~# ls  /sys/devices/platform/soc@0/32c00000.bus/
32e60000.mipi_dsi  32e80000.lcd-controller  32ec0000.blk-ctl  consumers  driver_override  modalias  of_node  power  subsystem  suppliers  uevent



any idea why this is happening?

am I missing anything in inmate.cell (attached .c inmate config file) configuration or any clock or pin config in inmate.dtb file ?

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