Issue with DRAM Size in im6ULL

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Issue with DRAM Size in im6ULL

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We are using imx6ULL custom board mounted with 512MB DDR. We are trying to boot our board with 512MB DRAM, but it was not booting. But our board was booting fine with 256MB DRAM with same DDR size(512MB).

Below are the steps we followed,

1.We calibrated 512MB memory space successfully using ddr_stress_tool.

2.Once, calibration was completed, We applied the calibration changes in our U-boot imximage.cfg and plugin.S files.

Our board is not booting with the above 512MB calibration.

But when we changed calibration size to 256MB from 512MB, then it is working fine with 256MB DRAM size.

Please suggest if any changes are required.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi sheik


512MB DDR is used in i.MX6ULL EVK, from uboot/include/configs/mx6ullevk.h:


For errors one can try to run ddr test

and rebuild image from scratch using new ddr calibration coefficients found from ddr test


Best regards

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