[IMX8MM] Bluetooth SIG qualification L2CAP and A2DP test cases failing

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[IMX8MM] Bluetooth SIG qualification L2CAP and A2DP test cases failing

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We are trying to qualify a Host & Profile implementation of BlueZ on the iMX8mm, but we’ve run into a roadblock with the L2CAP protocol and A2DP profile.

Test Cases:

  • L2CAP/ERM/BV-10 (retransmit S-frame [RR] with poll bit set when monitor timer expires)
  • L2CAP/ERM/BV-11 (close the channel when monitor timer expires - exceed maxtransmit)
  • A2DP/SRC/SDP/BV-01
  • A2DP/SNK/SET/BV-05


The L2CAP test cases were failing because the BT PTS keeps waiting but is unable to receive an I-Frame. These test cases are related to L2CAP ERTM mode (Enhanced Retransmission Mode).

The A2DP test cases were failing with the errors “Service Attribute Search found 'Bluetooth Profile Descriptor List', but the attribute data was not configured properly” and “The IUT failed to accept reconnection from the tester”.

Note: We don’t have any issues with our application as it functions as intended (pairing headphones and streaming audio) and it appears to be a testing issue with Bluetooth PTS.


Kernel version: 4.14.98

Bluez version: 5.49

Pulseaudio version: 11.1

Wifi/BT module: RTL8821CU


It may be unrelated, but we’ve included this patch fix for the L2CAP/COS/CFD/BV-14C test case. https://github.com/torvalds/linux/commit/5b8ec15d02f12148ef0185825217162b3bc341f4#


I have attached the PTS logs from the test lab.


Thank you


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Unfortunately the Wifi Module RTL8821CU, it is not an NXP Device, you may contact Realtek or the module maker of the Wifi Module and ask for support from they side, we can offer our Professional Services to help you to implement feature or Bluez.






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