IMX6UL Uboot recovery

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IMX6UL Uboot recovery

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I have custom board based on imx6ul processor which has Nand flash, JTAG and UART console only(No USB, No Ethernet, No serial downloader boot mode ). There was on factory uboot boolader on my board and usally i do flash images by loading uboot, kernel, RFS to ram and ram to Nand flash via uboot nand commands. But accidentally i flashed other board Uboot bootloader on my board Nand flash. Now board is hangs on uboot dram initialization. Not able to access uart console and through jtag-openocd not able initialize the DRAM.  pls help me on this how to recover.

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  You may try the recent package with demo images: 

Summary Page:

i.MX Software | NXP 


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