IEEE_1588 /PTP hardware timestamping with imx6q

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IEEE_1588 /PTP hardware timestamping with imx6q

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Regarding enabling PTP timestamping functionality in imx6Q.

there are two drivers available for PTP in the 3.0.35 kernal:

1. PTP clock driver

2. FEC driver with FEC_1588.

The first driver is getting built as a module and is visible in lsmod.

But the /sys/class/ptp/... gives null result.

We are unable to test the second implementation, as no appilcation is available to test the same.

Please help,

a.To understand how to use the ptp clock driver and does it provide HW timestamping on imx6 can we test the fec_1588 HW timestamping, is there a sample application to test it?

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Are you able to solve it?

Any help/response on above query appreciated?

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