I can't download "cpuburn-neon-20140626" by  yocto project git tool

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I can't download "cpuburn-neon-20140626" by  yocto project git tool

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I can't download "cpuburn-neon-20140626" by  yocto project git tool。 but  i need those files now ,  including "cpuburn-neon-20140626" tar file and .done file, those file under yocoto downloads dir。

please help me,  Could someone send those files to me?  thanks very much!    my email address is 18330402@qq.com

yocto version: imx-yocto-L4.14.98_2.0.0_ga 


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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

The error message shows that you use the i.MX 6DL, but in fact this would apply to any other build as well which wants to fetch cpu-burn.

We can't guarantee that external resources are always online or correct. As alternative you can download these files from anywhere else and put them into your downloads directory. I found it for example here:



Put it into your Yocto build and create the *.done files:

  1. In your Yocto downloads directory:
    $ mkdir cpuburn-neon-20140626

  2. Copy the two files "cpuburn-a8.S" and "burn.S" into this folder
  3. Create the done files
    touch /cpuburn-neon-20140626/burn.S.done
    touch /cpuburn-neon-20140626/cpuburn-a8.S.done

    These are simply empty files, but bitbake should accept that.


To avoid misunderstandings:

  • This is just a workaround for this 4.14.98 BSP release. I can see the folder "cpuburn-neon-20140626" only there.
  • For other BSP builds, when you have missing files, then they are most likely in *.tar-bz2 or *.tar.xz format. Download them from somewhere, put them into the downloads folder and create the empty .done file, Alternatively you could of course create this .done file with a correct checksum using md5sum/sha256sum and update the expected checksum in the respective recipe as well.





NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


Could you tell us which products or platform are you using?


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