I.Mx 233 boot from 1 GB Nand flash

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I.Mx 233 boot from 1 GB Nand flash

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Hello All,

              As per new requirement  128 MB Nand flash is replaced with 1 GB Nand flash. 1 GB Nand having page size (4096 + 224 bytes) and  selected ECC6 (For all other ECC  DMA_Wait(ERROR_DDI_NAND_DMA_TIMEOUT)  error is optained).   I changed CHIP_BCB_SECTOR_STRIDE to 128 and CHIP_BCB_BLOCK_LIMIT to 4 .

NCB , LDLB and DBBT block are written to the Nand correctly , but when I try to Boot from Nand ROM code will through 0x80508003 (Unable to find LDLB) please help me sort out this issue.


Kishore P

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