How to use ATK tool for micron nand flash (MT29F32G08CBACA)

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How to use ATK tool for micron nand flash (MT29F32G08CBACA)

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Dear All,

I am using imx25 board where we have replaced the samsung(K9LAG08U0M-PCB0 by default on imx25 core board ) Nand flash with Micron Nand flash (MT29F32G08CBACA).

Now i want to boot the board from Micron nand flash (MT29F32G08CBACA) .

so i am trying to load the uboot.bin file through ATK tool . but i cant able to load it.

The error saying that on ATk tool

"Failed to initial flash or Do not support this Flash, please reset the target"

and also on ATK tool on below shows that

"silicon security type(HAB_TYPE): Development/Disable Flash Capacity: N/A"

Please some one tell me how can i use the ATK tool for micron nand flash (MT29F32G08CBACA) to load the file ?

what are things should i do ?

Please do the needful ASAP. This is high priority !!!



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

It is needed to design special flash driver for new NAND, if it is not detected automatically.

Please look at AN3985 how to build new flashlib. Also please use documentation, provided with

the source package, linked below.

ATK sources (and documentation) may be found using the next link :

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