How to start on I.MX 8 M

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How to start on I.MX 8 M

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I acquired an I.MX 8 M which is not the evalaluation board. I suceed to reach the weston window. But after this step I don't know how to do to start a project. So i have many questions :

- Firstly I want to change my keyboard from qwerty to azerty but I try different solution but all failled, so how can I change this ? 

- Secondly I want to program on the linux a little project allowing me to start to program a little project on the I.MX 8 M linux with an RTOS, but I don't know how to start ? 

I already work on different embedded system with raspberry pi but with this kind of platform it is my first time, so I need some help ? 

Thank you for your future help.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Please try to play with loadkeys utility that sets keyboard layout.

As for the RTOS, we have FreeRTOS examples included into MCUXpresso SDK, which could be downloaded here:

However please note that it is an OS for M-core of i.MX8M, not for A-cores.

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