How can i connect two imx6q by RGMII?

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How can i connect two imx6q by RGMII?

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Hi Team,

We are designing a board which will mount two imx6q chips onside.

The connection between the two chips is RGMII.

Below is our shematic about this connection, 

Please give me some comments if this design is correct!

Thanks in advance.


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Taotao Wang,

There are a few things to consider. I would recommend reviewing the following threads:
Direct MAC-MAC connection to Ethernet switch without a PHY 

One of the key points is that you would need to provide the 125Mhz ENET_REF_CLK to both i.MX6Q as it cannot be generated and routed internally. You can find more details on the i.MX6 Hardware Design Guide (link below, you may need to login to download this document) in Table 2-9.

I hope this helps!

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