Hangout application with freescale HW codecs not working on imx6dq

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Hangout application with freescale HW codecs not working on imx6dq

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On our android device, hangout application is trying to use freescale HW codecs but video call is not working.

Sometimes hangout tries to use H264 and sometimes VP8

Are there any known issues  with HW codecs for hangout ?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Gautam,

You may have already noticed that your Hangouts video looked significantly clearer the last time you fired it up. That's because Google has transitioned from the H.264 video codec to VP8, and with it. Google asserts that streaming HD streams to ten participants using the H.264 codec would have required too much processing power. Using VP8 allows them to stream higher definition streams at lower bit rates.

Both H.264 and VP8 are supported by i.Mx6Q, however he industry and google is moving towards adopting WebRTC, that is currently not supported by HW codecs in i.MX6 Android BSP.

This is a transition issue that only happends with HD cameras, so the functionality is not completely ready yet.

More information about HW codecs on i.MX6, please check your android BSP documentation folder Extended codec release notes..


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