Getting the OV9281 camera to work

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Getting the OV9281 camera to work

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Hello community,

I've seen a few posts suggesting that some people could get the ov9281 to run in MIPI mode on an i.MX platform. There's no such driver in Yocto and I've failed so far. I'd be immensely grateful if someone could provide guidelines or pointers.

I totally get that NXP do not officially support this device, this is just a call to the community.

Thank you.

Best regards,



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Dear Weidong,

Thank you for you advice.

The OV9281 is a grayscale global shutter camera, no YUV here. SoftISP is not needed, the raw data are processed by a custom algorithm. Sadly, the migration from the OV5640 is probably not obvious.

With kind regards,



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi, thierry_durand,

1. You can refer to ov5640_mipi driver to write OV9821 driver.
2. There are several issues that need attention:
(1) There is no ISP and formatter module in the I.MX CPU
In other words, RAW data cannot be directly processed and displayed by I.MX.
(2) The softISP we provide is based on OpenCL. Not all i.MX supports OpenCL. For example, i.MX8M MINI cannot run SoftISP.
Here is the information of softISP, you can browse it first:
3. My suggestion
(1) You can choose the camera module that YUV outputs.
All i.MX MIPI CSI-2 support YUV output cameras
(2) Use SoftISP based on OpenCL
But pay attention to whether your selected I.MX processor supports it.


Hope above information is helpful to you.

Have a nice day!




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