Generating Bootalble image for i.MX8QXP for MEK

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Generating Bootalble image for i.MX8QXP for MEK

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Hello Team,

I Am Generatig The Boot Image Using The Scfw Tool As Per Steps Provided In Below Link. 
(i.MX8 Boot Process And Creating A Bootable Image) Link: Https://Community.Nxp.Com/T5/I-Mx-Processors-Knowledge-Base/I-Mx8-Boot-Process-And-Creating-A-Bootab... 1. I Have Using “Linux 5.4.24_2.1.0” And Downloaded The Compitable “SCFW Portinkg Kit 1.5.0”
For Generating The “scfw_tcm.bin”. I Have Used “MX8QXP_C0_B0_LPDDR4_RPA_1.2GHz_v14.xlsx” To Generate
The “DCD_CFG.cfg” And “” Files Required To Generate The “scfw_tcm.bin”. 2. I Have Also Downloaded The “SECO Binary” Using Following Command
As Per “i.MX Linux® Release Notes, Rev. L5.4.24_2.1.0, 06/2020” Command: Wget Https://Www.Nxp.Com/Lgfiles/Nmg/Mad/Yocto/Imx-Seco-3.6.3.Bin I Have Extracted The Binary And Used The “mx8qxb0-ahab-container.img”. 3. I Am Using Arm Trusted Firmware Binary Generated In The Build At Location
tmp/deploy/images/imx8qxpmek/imx-boot-tools/bl31.bin”. 4. I Have Copied All The Above Binary In “imx-mkimage” Tool
Including “u-boot.bin” And Generated Only Following Images. A. “SCFW Image Only” Using Following Command. Command: Make Soc=Imx8qx Flash_Scfw‍‍‍
B. “Cortex-A Image Only”
Using Following Command
Command: Make Soc=Imx8qx Flash

5. I Am Flashing The “flash.bin” Generated Using Uuu Tool On “eMMC” Memory Using Follwoing Command.
Command: Sudo ./Uuu -b Emmc Flash.Bin

I Am Getting Follwoing Error While I am Flashing The Bootable Image On “i.MX8 Mek Board”.
I Have Also Configure The Boot Ping To “Serial Download Mode”

Error Logs Snippet:

Fb: Ucmd Setenv Fastboot_Dev Mmc
Fb: Ucmd Setenv Mmcdev ${emmc_dev}
Fb: Ucmd Mmc Dev ${emmc_dev}
Fb: Flash Bootloader /home/kinjal/Downloads/flash_3.bin
Fb: Ucmd If Env Exists Emmc_Ack; Then ; Else Setenv Emmc_Ack 0; Fi;
Fb: Ucmd Mmc Partconf ${emmc_dev} ${emmc_ack} 1 0
Fb: Done

Wait For Known Usb Device Appear...
New Usb Device Attached At 1:1
1:1>Start Cmd:Sdps: Boot -f /home/k
11%1:1>Fail Hid(W):Libusb_Error_Io(0.077s)



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