FLS_Community_BSP - iMX6 Solo - Kernel version

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FLS_Community_BSP - iMX6 Solo - Kernel version

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We have iMX6 Solo board designed based on SABRESD design. We ported Linux Yocto Morty and working as expected. We also ported Yocto ‘Rocko’ build but supported kernel version looks quite old (kernel 4.1). As per FSL Community release document 2.4 Rocko, it seems SABRESD board is not supported. Due to this we cannot upgrade to Chromium 67 for Rocko build with HW acceleration support.




Note – On Morty build, Chromium 52 is working as expected with HW acceleration.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Pravin Yadav,

The Community BSP is supported by the community so each branch may differ greatly on what features are supported and patched.

The Rocko (2.4) branch does support the SABRESD under the MACHINE imx6qdlsabresd

Since this is a relatively old board it could be that some patches are missing on newer branches. If you absolutely need a newer Kernel, I would recommend looking at differences in settings between the two branches. This is not a trivial task as there may be a lot of changes between kernel revisions and you would need to port the changes from one kernel to the other.

If you are interested in following the changes on the new branches or would like to post a question to the developers and users of the Community, you may do so through the Community mailing list (more information on the link below).



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