Does ChipIdea USB Dual Role works on i.MX6q Sabre-SD Board for kernel "3.10.53" ?

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Does ChipIdea USB Dual Role works on i.MX6q Sabre-SD Board for kernel "3.10.53" ?

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I am trying to setup i.mx6q board for USB dual role mode using Linux kernel 3.10.53. It is using chipidea driver for it.

I am using kernel 3.10.53 kernel in my project.

I am trying to follow instructions mentioned at location Documentation\usb\chipidea.txt

Everything is working fine till step #2 mentioned in the document. But when I try step#3 to switch the role for 'B' device to become host, it is not happening.

Am I missing out something on the setup or steps?

Is there any patch available to fix it?

Did anyone ever get success to test this role-switch on 3.10.53 or later?



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Hi !

I'm also working on IMX6 SabreLite (with a 3.10.53 kernel) and have set some configurations in menuconfig like "USB 2.0 OTG FSM Implementation", "ChipIdea HighSpeed Dual Role Controller", "ChipIdea device controller" and "ChipIdea host controller".
I have used this uImage in my two sabreLite.But I'm stuck in the step 2, I don't see any enumeration on my serial terminal. Moreover, the USB bus is in an idle state, so it don't give any power to the device. I have followed these steps:
With this configs, none of my boards take the host role, they both have a gadget role ...

I specify that I'm using a cable with micro A at one end and micro B at the other end.

Did you finally succeed in using the dual role on IMX6 board ? What configurations did you set in menuconfig ?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi RL,

Have you used a proper OTG adapter? The micro-USB to USB Host adapted must have a grounded ID pin, otherwise, the USB module will not be set as Host. There are some adapters with the ID pin floating, so, you should ensure that the used adapter has grounded ID pin.

Hope this will be useful for you.
Best regards!

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