DRM vivante GPU in imx6q

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DRM vivante GPU in imx6q

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Hi team,

I am using the imx6qasbresd board with BSP version and vivante version 6.4.3  and I am using the  X11 display server. I am trying to run the Qt5 GUI application or normal application then i am facing the segmentation fault there.

I checked all possible way for segmentation fault in openglwindows application as mentioned in the i.MX_Reference_Manual.pdf 5.3.11 Troubleshooting section but it did not work.

And CPU is being highly utilized, seems GPU is not being utilized.

make sure your kernel and GPU drivers are matched. == > I think  I am using the correct GPU driver version 6.4.3 as kernel version is 5.10 imx-linux-hardknott BSP.

what possibly I am missing? Does it needs the DRM initialization , I am not getting any print in the $dmesg | grep gpu 

the same application is working in the imx-linux-hardknott BSP, So I must be missing some configuration here may be in GPU init or library. 

Please help me in this issue.


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


Your are connecting well the driver and gpu but with that kernel and BSP version it won't support X11, you need 4.1.15 at least to X11.


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