Convert UYVY input to NV12 using MX8QM ISI?

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Convert UYVY input to NV12 using MX8QM ISI?

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The camera module connected to our MX8QM board outputs image in UYVY format.

Is it possible for MX8QM ISI to convert  from UYVY to NV12, 

so the output can be encoded by HW H264 encoder.


From the MX8QM RM,  ISI CSC can support RGB -> YUV/YCbCr,  YUV/YCbCr->RGB conversion.

How about converting from UYVY to NV12?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

I don't think so, refer to CHNL_IMG_CTRL[CSC_MODE], the in the Reference Manual,

This field controls how the CSC unit operates on pixels when the CSC is not bypassed.
00b - Convert from YUV to RGB
01b - Convert from YCbCr to RGB
10b - Convert from RGB to YUV
11b - Convert from RGB to YCbCr

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