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Change i.MX233 VDDIO -blog archive

Specialist II

In arch/arm/plat-mxs/cpufreq.c, there are regulator_set_voltage(vddio, profiles[i].vddio, profiles[i].vddio) calls.

So it looks like profiles[] in arch/arm/mach-mx23/bus_freq.c can affect vddio.
"profile" is defined as below in arch/arm/plat-mxs/include/mach/bus_freq.h
struct profile {
    int cpu;
    int ahb;
    int emi;
    int ss;
    int vddd;
    int vddd_bo;
    int cur;
    int vddio; // The 8th int
    int vdda;
    u16 xbus;
    /* map of the upper 16 bits of HW_CLKCTRL_HBUS register */
    u16 h_autoslow_flags;

So please try to change all the 8th integer in struct profile profiles[] to 2800000.

In arch/arm/mach-mx23/pm.c, it will change vddio as well when standby, so please try LOWER_VDDIO=0.

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