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Hi There!,

this is my first Post, since I didnt find a place to introduce, I'll do a quick one here.

My Name is Timo and I'm a Software developer who quickjumped into the Hardware development... :smileywink:

I'm part of a StartUp (we didnt start up yet) - and we have a very slow Prototype on Arduino but we want to Upgrade to more "professional" Parts like Freescale. Initial Production Value is planned 10K but we hope it could be more. With these numbers, most Manufacturer are not interested in us.

Intention: We developed something like a IP Camera with a micro on Arduino, since the Arduino is too weak to handle more then a FEW FPS we needed a solution.

So the Journes began developing with Arduino and after a a few talks with our FAB and Arrow we came up that the Freescale Lines maybe something for us!

AND now we got a KWIKSTIK as suggested but the information on it is very low everything we find is related to the i.MX Family.

Now I'm here and I may a explain a bit of our needs and you may know a similar Project or related.

We would appreciate any help, somewhat!

We need to build a device which has WiFi, a Micro and Camera onboard also a WebServer should be implemented.

The Camera

· We dont need a Full HD Camera, even 720p is too much - VGA would do it and would be alright.

· Since we need to stream, it should be able to deliver 15FPS +

· We would love to have a ready shield or Breakout Board as solution.

· Camera should be then purchased that we can Plug it onto our Design Board on FAB Processing. Like C329-SPI

Price: < 30 USD / EUR


it would be sweet to have a WiFi Board for the Tower, which then can be redesigned to work in our Product


Currently this is a fixed thing on the KWIKSTIK, if that won't work, is there a TOWER ES with a Micro?

What would be the right components for it?

We are not able to use something like plug and play and external Products since we want to create batch / mass product out of it.

ITS SO HARD TO FIND INFORMATION - but I dont want to give up :smileywink:

THANK YOU VERY MUCH - your help is appreciated.


P.S. Sorry my technical EN is not that brilliant :smileywink:

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